A Weekend of Simple Pleasures

At the weekend I was mostly channelling my inner old lady. Firstly a trip to Dunelm Mill got me overly excited about two new snugglicious blankets for our living room (we love curling up under blankets in front of the TV or with a book, even during summer months!) as well as a set of cheerfully-coloured digital kitchen scales for the bargain price of £8 (shown below with my apple crumble prep).

Baking supplies
Soft fleece blanket

I then set to work on a pretty new jigsaw. What can I say? I just love a good jigsaw now and again. Probably because it is akin to sorting and tidying, which ultimately gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Jigsaw Italian street scene

And finally I finished the weekend off by baking an apple crumble, something I’ve not done since I was a little girl! I followed this recipe off the BBC Food website, and was very impressed – best crumble I’ve had in a long time and very simple to make. Not much can go wrong really, which is always a good thing. Something I’d tweak for next time – my dish was quite small in terms of its diameter, so the crumble went a long way – in fact I couldn’t fit it all on! I could probably get away with making 2/3 of the amount, which might also create space to add in some oats for extra crunch. Given the amount of butter in the recipe I think this would be a good idea for health reasons too!

Apple crumble
Apple crumble and custard

Served with nostalgia as recommended in the recipe

A weekend full of simple pleasures!

3 thoughts on “A Weekend of Simple Pleasures

  1. CRUMBLE! Seriously my favourite thing. Not as much as my friend though, who also loves jigsaws and who eats apple crumble at least once a week… xx

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