Loaf Cake Learnings

After a recent Sunday night #lbloggers chat it came to light that many of us enjoy reading baking posts, and although it’s great to see a perfectly executed and presented bake sometimes it’s nice to read about the things that can (and do) go wrong. With this in mind I thought I’d post about the Orange, Almond and Yoghurt loaf cake that I baked at the weekend.

Orange almond loaf

This cake was actually pretty delicious (recipe from Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days). It’s flavoured with orange zest and ground almonds, has a small amount of natural yogurt added to make it nice and moist, and ends up with a tasty crust and a top coated in flaked almonds. It’s the perfect thing for afternoon tea and cakes.

cake ingredients

However, this was my first attempt at a loaf cake and I’ve learned a few things from this attempt.

  • I greased and floured the tin – I like to think this contributed to the tasty crust!
  • I probably overfilled the tin – next time I’d be better off with a bit of mixture over.
  • I didn’t add enough orange zest. Silly me didn’t realise I needed a full tbsp of zest until it was too late and all I had was one orange. One orange does not generate a tbsp of zest! The orange flavour was still there in the cake, but it definately wouldn’t hurt to increase it!
  • My stupid oven doesn’t do 170°C. As such I ended up overcooking the top and edges before the inside was even cooked. For future attempts I will go for the lower temperature 160°C for slightly longer, and if the top starts to catch cover it with a piece of foil. I acted too late this time, after the edges had already caught.
orange loaf cake
Overdone loaf cake

It was still pretty delicious though!

One thought on “Loaf Cake Learnings

  1. This is why I love baking posts- at the end of the day, if it doesn’t look perfect, more often than not it still tastes amazing! I’ve been meaning to try this cake- may give it a go at the weekend! x

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