Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Day Cream

I’ve recently switched to a new day cream / face moisturiser, so wanted to share my thoughts on Superdrug’s own brand Naturally Radiant Brightening day cream for normal/combi skin.

Superdrug day cream

I decided to give this one a go because I thought it was reasonably priced – at £5.99 for 75ml it is a few pounds cheaper than the Nivea Pure & Natural one I’d been using previously – and cruelty free, and I suppose I liked the sound of the “brightening kiwi fruit and mulberry extracts and nourishing sugar beet extract”.

The packaging promises great things too:

  • Instantly – skin looks radiant and feels moisturised
  • After 1 week – skin is softer and smoother, more refreshed and energised
  • After 4 weeks – skin tone is more even and refined.

Now I like my face creams to be thick, which cheaper ones tend not to be, and I need it to be gentle on my sensitive skin. And actually, this cream does both of these things. It is thick and creamy, and has a nice gentle fragrance (if it’s too heavily perfumed, my skin doesn’t like it!). It’s also SPF 15, which is nice to know. And I do think that overall my skin feels bright and smooth, and my skin tone looks even. Although as I didn’t have any serious issues going on before I used it, it’s hard to be sure whether there is a significant noticeable difference after using it for the 4 weeks.

Superdrug Natural Radiance cream

The only issue I have with this cream is that I find that it a little bit greasy, which is annoying for a day cream. It does tend to make my face look extra shiny, particularly because I’m also trying to combine it with a BB cream that is a bit too dark for me (combining the two means that the BB cream looks more “my shade” when applied).

I do like the cream though, and think it is worth £5.99.

3 thoughts on “Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Day Cream

  1. Naturally radiant brightening day cream spf15 why they don’t made more than spf 15 like 20 25 30 I like the cream so nice and natural smell nice not too greasy also is nice moisturiser

    1. I like naturally radiant brightening day cream spf 15 normal to dry skin it makes my skin so fresh and bright love live but I wish that they will make extra spf like 20 15 30 it will be so nice

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