DIY Lace Insert Denim Shorts

I love the lace insert denim cut-offs that are everywhere in the shops at the moment. The lace details are so pretty and cute! And I decided it would be so easy (and much cheaper) to make my own pair from a pair of jeans I don’t really wear. Actually I think this style looks best with a pale washed-out denim and ivory coloured lace, but the only jeans I had available for cutting up were a claret pair. I do think the colours work well together though, and the contrast makes the pretty lace stand out.

Lace insert denim shorts

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A pair of jeans that you are willing to chop
  • Lace. See what you can find. There are so many pretty lace appliques available on ebay. Some much fancier and bigger than the ones I used, but I went for a bargain!
  • A pair of shorts you love to wear (so you can copy the length)
  • Sharp scissors, a needle and thread that matches the lace
Claret jeans

And the method:

  1. Choose where you want to cut the jeans off – I used an existing pair as I know it’s a good length for me. Cut the legs of the jeans – and make sure they match!
  2. Lay the lace where you want it along the outer seams. Cut out the shape where the lace will go, making sure the hole is smaller than the lace patch!
  3. Place in the lace over the hole you’ve cut, and sew it on. How easy is that!
Denim cut offs
Claret denim
Lace shorts
Lace denim cut offs
Lace trim denim shorts
Lace applique shorts

3 thoughts on “DIY Lace Insert Denim Shorts

  1. These look really fab! I have a pair of jeans that have become a bit too tight around my thighs – they must have shrunk ;0) – and this is the perfect way to save them from the bin and add that essential couple of inches – hurrah!

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