MUA BB Cream for Fair Skin

My adventure into BB cream began with the B. Beauty Balm by Superdrug, where even the lightest shade was too dark for my fair skin, although I did like the consistency and the result. I can also confirm that it has lasted me around 15 weeks whilst using it every day, which I think is quite good.

I have followed this product with MUA BB cream in Light, which I also bought from Superdrug. It is priced at £4 which is a great buy on its own, but I got it even cheaper as part of the 3-for-2 on cosmetics offer. As you can see from the images this is a much lighter colour than the B. one, and initially appears lighter than my skin. When blended though this matches really well and it’s a really good match for my fair skin.

MUA BB cream
Light BB cream
BB cream for fair skin
Very light BB cream

The consistency is much thicker than the B. one, which means I’m applying more product to cover my whole face. It also doesn’t promote an SPF or as many of the skincare benefits. I’m not actually sure how beneficial the product is as skincare, as it definitely feels more like makeup than skincare or a moisturiser. But from a makeup point of view I do think it offers exactly what I’m looking for – a very light coverage that evens out skin tone without looking like I’m wearing any makeup at all. I also love the cover match – there really aren’t many BB creams out there that are as light as this.

So overall I think it is a great buy for the price, and as I’ve not yet found another with as light a shade I would definitely buy it again.

MUA BB cream light

2 thoughts on “MUA BB Cream for Fair Skin

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