Holidaying in Skiathos

If you’ve noticed my blog has been quiet for a week, it’s because I’ve been enjoying a relaxing holiday on the Greek island of Skiathos. This is just a quick post to say I’m back! And also to share some photos and a few of the reasons I can recommend a trip to this picturesque destination…

Koukounaries beach

  • 66 beaches with golden sand and clear waters. Some, like the famous Koukounaries beach are pretty well stocked with sun loungers and attract the crowds, but there are plenty of quieter ones to be found.

Skiathos sea shore

Myrtia Skiathos

  • Views!

Skiathos views

Skiathos town view

  •  Strolls through pretty pine forests

Koukounaries pine forests

  • Draught beer served in frozen glasses – this is most definitely the best way to drink beer!
  • Cats! They are everywhere, and Myrtia had a few of its own, including a very cute and playful kitten!

Cute kitten

  • The charming Skiathos town with its narrow winding streets; white buildings with blue doors and shutters; and a multitude of tiny boutiques and cafes

Skiathos town port

Skiathos old town

  • Lazy hours spent in restaurants and bars overlooking the harbour full of yachts

Skiathos port

Skiathos harbour

  • Delicious food made from fresh ingredients and at pretty reasonable prices by UK standards! I particularly enjoyed the swordfish!

Swordfish steak

Greek risotto

  • The weather – scorchio!
  • And if you like your plane landings with an extra edge, this is definitely the place for you! The short narrow runway starts and ends in the sea so the take-off and landing were both pretty thrilling.

Skiathos runway

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