Monochrome Nail Art Pens

Last night I went to a birthday party with a “black and white” colour theme – a great opportunity to finally try out my monochrome Nail Art pens! I got this pair of 2 pens from Primark for just £2, which I thought was great value. For my first attempt at nail art I wasn’t prepared to splash out!

Monochrome nail art

There were a few versions of the pack with different colour options, but in this pack there was a black and a white polish which both have a skinny brush option as well as a precision pen applicator option. Plus there was a tube of silver gems and a tube of pink ones.

Nail art pens

So here is my very basic monochrome nail art attempt. Very simple but (fairly) effective.

1. Grey base coat, in “Master Plan” by Essie

Grey nail polish

2. Over-paint half the nail with the white nail art pen using the skinny brush

White nail art pen
white grey nail art

3. Draw a black line down the centre in with the black using the precision pen

Black nail art pen
black nail art
simple nail art

4. And finally, I added a gem on one finger of each hand for a little extra something

nail gem

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