Ghost the Musical: Review of the UK tour

I missed the previews in Manchester and I missed the run in London, so I when I heard Ghost the Musical was doing a UK tour this year I didn’t hang back on getting my tickets. And Tuesday night was finally the night I got to see it!

ghost uk tour

If you haven’t seen the film (er.. why not??) then I wouldn’t be revealing too much to say that it’s about Sam Wheat, a man who is murdered one night and trapped as a ghost, and his girlfriend Molly who has to come to terms with his death. Sam discovers he is able to speak to a phony psychic Oda Mae Brown, and uses her to try and communicate with Molly to warn her of the dangers she is still in from his killer.

Although I wasn’t a massive fan of the film I thought the story worked really well on stage actually. It’s very romantic in places, and I think a bit extreme slushiness is well suited to musical theatre. There are plenty of comedy moments courtesy of the character of Oda Mae (very well played by Wendy Mae Brown).  Plus there are some great dramatic moments and the visual effects really were fantastic – I love it when theatre is an amazing spectacle. So it basically has everything! And the cast for the tour are all excellent.

ghost the musical uk

I already knew the music as I have the soundtrack, and personally I really like it. It’s got plenty of variety, with some upbeat ensemble numbers, a couple of romantic duets and some stunning heartbreaking solos. Plus if you do happen to love the film you don’t even miss out on the classic “Unchained Melody” – it’s seamlessly worked into the plot.

With the present day setting, contemporary score and a really modern approach to the set/scenery, it doesn’t feel like a traditional musical, so I think it’s one to give a try even if musicals are not your thing. Although the Manchester run is nearly over, there are still loads of other UK venues to come and it plays from now until well into next year. I’d certainly recommend it!

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