Gradual Tanning with Palmers Natural Bronze

I like to embrace my pale skin and prefer not to feel the pressure to fake tan, as I don’t think I ever look quite right. But I also think a light, natural looking tan does look pretty in the summer, and also find it makes arms and legs look slimmer and more toned, which is nice when wearing dresses. Rather than a full-on fake tan my favourite method is a gradual tanning moisturiser. I find these gently build up a nice natural colour, which is all I’m after. I still want to be pale and proud – just with a healthy summer glow!

Palmers natural bronze

The latest gradual tanner I’ve been trying is Palmers Natural Bronze body lotion, which I chose because I’ve recently been loving Palmers Cocoa Butter products, and I’m not loyal to any of the other gradual tanners I’ve tried as there have been no stand outs.

The first thing I’d say about it is that you need to apply the right amount. On my first usage I wasn’t expecting it to be as runny as it was, and ended up applying it quite liberally to my arms and legs. The result was embarrassing tan marks around the ankles where I’d applied far too much, and I thought I’d made a big mistake buying this product!

Palmers gradual tanner

I’ve given it another go though, and kept to these simple rules:
• Be sparing and rub it in very well.
• Only apply once or twice a week, not every day.
Since then I’ve found the colour to be very natural looking and light, and the blend perfectly fine! I also don’t find the smell to be as bad as other tanners I’ve used. So for now I’m happy to keep using this product, and would probably recommend giving it a try if you’re in the market for a gradual tanner.

Palmers fake tan
Palmers cocoa fake tan

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