Outfit Inspiration: Dressing in 3 Colours

On those days when it’s a struggle to put a half decent looking outfit together, here’s a handy piece of advice I picked up – base outfits around a colour palette of 3 colours (this is a very interesting post and can recommend you go and have a read of it). As she demonstrates, outfits look chic when limited to 3 colours. I have to agree – fewer than 3 colours makes for a pretty uninteresting look, and any more could be way too busy-looking.

Here are some additional things to consider when dressing in 3 colours:

  • Black and white could potentially be counted as a single colour (if needed)
  • Statement jewellery and bold makeup and nail shades should count as one of your colours
  • A print will count as a single colour, and a good idea is to pair prints with either neutrals or colours picked out of the print

Here’s some summer outfit inspiration making use of this simple-to-apply technique, and as I love a good bargain I’ve picked all the items from the summer sales too.

Work outfits

day2 copy

Bag from ASOS; top from Topshop; skirt from H&M; peep-toe boots from River Island

work1 copy

Top from Warehouse; skirt from Oasis; bag from ASOS; peep-toe boots from Miss Selfridge; necklace from Chelsea Doll

Special occasions

formal1 copy

Maxi dress from Oasis; nails and lips from Barry M; clutch from Debenhams; peep toes from ASOS

night1 copy

Tee from River Island; sequin skirt from Topshop; ankle strap heels from River Island; clutch from ASOS

Casual dressing

casual copy

Tee from Brat and Suzie; jeans from Topshop; bag from Dorothy Perkins; sandals from H&M

day1 copy

Pinafore from Miss Selfridge; tee from River Island; sandals from Topshop, necklace from H&M

2 thoughts on “Outfit Inspiration: Dressing in 3 Colours

  1. Hi 🙂 Just wanted to say I stumbled across your blog a couple of days ago and I love it. I’ve bookmarked it so I can keep up with you 🙂 keep it up you’re awesome!

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