Fresh Face Mask Review: The Sacred Truth

I’ve been dying to try one of the fresh face masks from Lush for ages, so when I called in last week intending to buy something nice for my skin, I decided to pick one out. The very helpful assistant in-store talked me through the different masks (too much choice to go in without some guidance), and decided to go with The Sacred Truth, as it is a gentle one and good for sensitive skin.

The Sacred Truth Lush

The mask contains papaya, ginseng, green tea, eggs, honey and kaolin clay amongst other ingredients and it needs to be stored in the fridge, which means I found it very soothing and cooling to apply. It’s very thick and smooth, and I applied it evenly and liberally leaving it to work its magic for ten minutes, in which time it had started to dry slightly (but not completely). I then washed it off in the shower.

The Sacred Truth
Fresh papaya face mask

After using The Sacred Truth a few times I have found my skin to be soft and well moisturised, and my complexion looks bright, so I’m convinced the mask is doing some pretty good work. I love the fact that it is all natural and there are no parabens or nasties in there.

It costs £5.95 for a 75g pot, which at first I thought was fairly small, but actually I think it goes quite a long way. I’m applying it liberally on each use, and still there is plenty of it left to go at. It’s only good for a month anyway (due to the super-fresh ingredients) and I’m certain this pot will last the whole month with plenty of uses. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all, and I don’t find the scent too unusual or overpowering. Overall it’s a very nice treat for the skin, and I’d definitely buy it again. I’d also like to try some of the other fresh face masks from Lush, if anyone has any recommendations.

Lush The Sacred Truth
Lush fresh face mask

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