The Bloggers’ Summer Swap

This month I decided to take part in the Bloggers’ Summer Swap, organised by Rhiannon (of The Sparkly Panda) and Ella (of Hello Ella). The idea behind the swap was to help us keep hold of our summer feelings a little bit longer by sending a parcel of goodies that capture the essence of summer to a fellow blogger – our partners would be decided by our hosts and our limit would be £5.

And I was very excited to receive my summery little package from Brogan (of Brogan Tate XO) this weekend, which was like a breath of summer fresh air.

Blogger summer swap parcel

Bloggers' summer swap parcel

Her parcel contained some goodies from her online store – The Beauty Closet.

Cute lotus flower earrings. I just love these! The buttery yellow is such a cheerful summer colour, and they’re so wearable for everyday! They’ll definitely help me drag a slice of summer into the coming months.

  • A compact mirror – I love that this has the Snow White quote “Mirror mirror on the wall” written across it!
  • Plus the very pretty vintage floral box that everything came packaged in.

Flower earrings

Floral box

summer flower earrings

The parcel also contained some pampering treats (Burts Bees lip balm and shower gel, a citrus scented candle and a face mask), as Brogan wanted to capture what summer has been about for her – learning to love herself – and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

Summer swap goodies

And for my summer parcel to Lucy (of Curiouser and Curiouser) I wanted to capture garden parties, sunshine, ice creams and outdoor living, so my parcel included:

  • A pretty gold bird-feather headband
  • A butterfly sticky notes set (I’m a sucker for pretty stationary items)
  • A trio of summer-flavoured SPF lip balms from Malibu
  • An excitingly novel Cornetto-inspired chocolate (it’s a chocolate bar that looks just like the real thing!)
  • And a Hummingbird Bakery notecard with the recipe of the pictured delicious lavender cupcake printed on the back. I think this would a lovely recipe to try in the late summer months.

My summer swap parcel

The Swap has been a fun diversion to mark the end of summer. Much as I’m looking forward to the new season I think it’s been a really great summer this year and definitely worth clinging on to for an extra week. Thanks Rhiannon and Ella for arranging it all! (And why not check out the blogs of my swap partners too!)

3 thoughts on “The Bloggers’ Summer Swap

  1. Thank you so much for your lovely parcel of goodies Jen! It arrived when I was heavily dosed up on Lemsip and feeling rubbish, so it really helped perk me up! 🙂 Hope you don’t mind, but I used your photo in my blog post because my photos were coming out all dark – I blame this sudden shift in weather which isn’t good for lighting levels! Thanks so much again 🙂 x x

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