Bury Light Night Showcases the Town at Night

Last year I visited Bury for their Light Night, and when I heard that it was happening again this year I decided to head down there to see whether they’d do anything differently. The idea behind the event is for the community to experience their city at night, with venues and shops staying open late and plenty of light-themed show pieces, and overall I think this year the event had improved! Bury really showcased the best of the town’s roots – from the vintage steam trains lit up to provide an atmospheric entrance to the Transport Museum to the uniformed volunteers from the Fusiliers being on hand at every location with maps and event programmes (a welcome addition to last year’s event, which I thought was lacking some officials present on the night).

Light Night steam train
German music box
vintage steam train

I thought it felt like more of an event this year – there were fewer individual light attractions, but they were all more impressive, so overall it felt more exciting. My favourite showstopper was the stunning Briar Rose by Illuminos– the story of Sleeping Beauty told through music and light projections on the walls of the Castle Armoury – and inside the Castle Armoury was live Argentine Tango dancing accompanied by a tango quartet.

Briar Rose Illuminos 1
Briar Rose Illuminos 2
Briar Rose Illuminos 3
Tango quartet

There was light, live music, food and drink all over the town centre, and again I thought it was very well attended by the community. Everywhere we went felt bustling. Well done Bury on another great (and in my opinion, improved) Light Night!

Enchanted gardens 1
Enchanted gardens 2

The Enchanted Garden in the Library Gardens

Hot air balloon

Causing a stir with a seriously hot hot air balloon (minus the balloon)

Garden of light

The Garden of Light

Twisted Tubes

Live music by Twisted Tubes

light art trail

One piece from the Art Trail of light sculptures through the Mill Gate shopping centre

2 thoughts on “Bury Light Night Showcases the Town at Night

  1. Ooo, I didn’t even realise this was on. Nuts. Maybe next year then! I still haven’t ever been to Bury yet, despite having lived in Manchester for four years!

    Lucy x The New Northerner

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