B. Ready Day Cream

I’ve been using this B. Ready Day Cream for my face for about a month and I am loving it! It’s from B., Superdrug’s own clinically-tested premium skincare range, and it cost me just £6.66 for 50ml as it was on offer, but I even think the normal price of £9.99 is quite reasonable. Superdrug products are also cruelty free, this one proudly displaying its leaping bunny status, and this is a major plus point for me.

B. Ready Day cream

Superdrug B. Moisturiser

B. skincare is designed with three different skin phases in mind: Skin Phase 1 – the first signs of ageing; Skin Phase 2 – visible effects of ageing; Skin Phase 3 – mature skin. This is a day cream for Phase 1 skin, and aims to boost moisture and protect against early aging. Here are the actual clinically-tested claims it makes, all of which sounded good to me:

  • 12 hour hydration – Packed with Hyaluronic Acid for intense moisturisation
  • Evens skin tone – Niacinamide helps boost radiance and control blemishes
  • Protects – Glycofilm™ and SPF 15 helps shield skin against environmental aggressors

The cream has a light fragrance and is really pleasant to use. I don’t like runny moisturisers at all, and this one is fairly thick, but also light and not at all greasy – it doesn’t just sit on the surface of my skin. The packaging is possibly over egging the pudding slightly – the pot is extremely thick clear plastic so you get a lot of jar around your cream. But actually the design makes the product seem premium and in-keeping with the range.B Ready Day cream

In terms of results I do feel that my skin is doing pretty well right now, and I put this down to a killer combination of my Angels on Bare Skin cleanser (from Lush) and this day cream (which rightly or wrongly I’m currently using morning and evening). I think it has contributed to an even and bright skin tone and my skin does feel really hydrated, which will be great for the harsher winter weather coming up. This is definitely one I’ll be buying again!

2 thoughts on “B. Ready Day Cream

  1. Hi I have just started using this product and find it very good for my skin as it was getting very dry I will certainly carry on using it definitely a good balanced cream

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