Saturday Fun Featuring Steak and Disney

After an unusually stressful Friday at work I was really looking forward to what I had planned for Saturday – lunch in Manchester with my sister and… Disney on Ice!!

We decided to have lunch at the chic contemporary restaurant Room on King Street and try out their set price lunch menu. I’ve visited Room before for cocktails and also attended a wedding evening event there so I knew what to expect, but I do really like their lush and contemporary décor. I was pleased to find it really nice and quiet at this early lunch time (12pm) too.

Room restaurant manchester

The set price lunch menu is £10 for 2 courses or £14.50 for 3 courses, and apparently they are updated regularly with new seasonal options. Sometimes set menus don’t have a particularly great selection of options, but I thought there was plenty to choose from on Room’s menu. We both went for a starter of beetroot Carpaccio with lemon and pepper goats cheese & toast. This was pretty and light, although I suppose quite small, but the goats cheese in particular was amazing! Then I had a rump steak (cooked to perfection) with rocket and shallot salad (keeping it light by opting out of an additional side of chips), while my sister went for a butternut squash risotto, which she said was very tasty!

Room beetroot carpaccio
Room steak
Butternut squash risotto

I thought £10 for these 2 courses plus £3.50 for a glass of wine was really quite reasonable for a particularly tasty lunch in chic and peaceful surroundings. Especially as a rump steak was involved! I do enjoy eating and drinking in Room, and would recommend trying these set menu deals.

Then as I mentioned it was off to Disney on Ice. The show we watched was “Dare to Dream”, which I loved! It was all Disney Princess themed and told the stories (in different degrees of detail) of The Princess and the Frog, Snow White, Cinderella and Tangled. I found it so magical and lovely to watch, and probably preferred it to the action-packed “Passport to Adventure”, which is the other Disney on Ice show I’ve seen.

My photos mostly aren’t great due to the arena lighting and the distance from the ice, but here are a couple of pretty ones! This is a lovely day out for kids (and adults who love Disney like me of course), and it was cute to see all the little girls dressed up in their Princess dresses for the event!

Disney Dare to Dream
Disney on Ice Dare to Dream

Happy weekend everyone!

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