Lush Cupcake Face Mask

I received a sample pot of this cupcake face mask in a goodie bag that Lush were giving out to people on Fashion’s Night Out. Of all the Lush fresh face masks it seems the most appealing at first glance – it’s called cupcake for one, and looks and smells like chocolate for another. But actually when it comes to buying a face mask I prefer something more substantial. So it’s nice to have the chance to try this one out – it’s the one Lush say is for younger skins and is cheerful and cheeky.

Lush cupcake face mask

So first of all this mask really does have a chocolate treat-like scent, which comes from the cocoa powder, spearmint oil and vanilla absolute ingredients. It’s a more appealing smell than The Sacred Truth, and it’s clear they’ve made the scent a priority with this mask because apparently this face mask was first invented for teenage girls at a sleepover. But I can see a problem with that straight away – this brown mask is very messy and not the kind of thing I’d want hyper young girls running rampage with near my cushions and bedding! I think they’d find it appealing though.

chocolate cupcake face mask

It contains nourishing linseed infusion, toning mint, moisturising cocoa butter and rhassoul mud for a deep cleanse. As with the other fresh masks it is stored in the fridge, which makes it very cooling to apply. I just piled it on and left it for 5-10 minutes (during which time it mostly dried) before rinsing it off in the shower. I did feel like my skin was cleansed after use, but I’m not as sure about the moisturising and nourishing stages. I think that because it is the most easy-going of the masks in the range it’s more about having a pampering treat rather than about getting noticeable results.

lush face mask

After trying it out I still don’t think this would be my preferred face mask from Lush, as I definitely felt I got better results from The Sacred Truth. But I do love the concept of the fresh face masks and I’m now even more interested to try out the rest of them.

One thought on “Lush Cupcake Face Mask

  1. Hmm, the thing with chocolate scented anything is it makes you reach for the actual chocolate straight after – or maybe that’s just me. Plus I wouldn’t want to smell like Cadbury world either. I’ll try the other one you recommended though!

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