My “Halloween” Outfit

This Halloween I put together a costume, but strangely it wasn’t ghoulish or creepy, or even the Mean Girls Halloween combo of lingerie + animal ears. That’s because the party I went to this year was a murder mystery, and I had a specific character to create.

murder mystery

I love the idea of a murder mystery for Halloween, although I have to say it was more hilarious than chilling (which I prefer anyway!).  The story was “Murder on the Med”, so I had to think of sunshine and a Spanish coastal setting; and my character was ex-pat restaurant owner Nesta Tables (geddit??). The only other information I was given was that I am “always beautifully turned out in the latest fashions”, which was rather vague.

So here is the outfit I went for, using only pieces from my existing wardrobe, and I decided it was all about the big hair and statement lip colour (Believe from Lush, which I love so much I’ll probably dedicate an entire post to it).

Murder mystery costume
Nesta Tables

Feather print kimono jacket from Fashion World; Black vest from H&M; PU leather skirt from Forever 21; Shoe boots from Blink; Charm bracelet from Swarovski; Statement flower earrings (can’t remember where they were from)

Even though I am a little sad not to have needed any white face paint or fake blood this year, I am still loving seeing  everyone else’s blog posts about their costumes. Fancy dress so much fun! And I’m also off to the theatre this weekend to see Sweeney Todd – which I’m sure will give me some more of those grisly and creepy Halloween feelings.

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