Lush Energised Massage Bar

Lush massage bars are solid bars of essential oils that melt on the skin when warm to create the perfect massage oil. The great thing about them (in my opinion) is that they’re naked – that is, they have no packaging at all, which makes them a great environmentally friendly product!

I’d never used one before, but I received this Energised bar at Fashion’s Night out. Apparently this one isn’t currently available to buy in store just yet – it’s one that has been designed for use in the Lush spa treatments and is used when the customers says that they’d like to feel “energised”.

Lush massage bar

I’ve been using the bar on myself as a moisturiser replacement after showers, as well as using it for its intended purpose as a massage bar. It was very easy to use by rubbing it in the hands or directly onto the skin. It takes just a minute for to warm up and melt on to the skin, and then all the natural oils are released. It’s quite messy, but my skin drank it up and felt really moisturised afterwards, which is great for winter! This bar also smells very zingy – it’s a nice summery tropical citrus scent, which made it very pleasant to use.

massage bar lush
Lush massage bars

As you can see from this photo, you do get very oily!

Even though I can’t rebuy this specific one, I’m glad to have been able to try one of the massage bars, as it’s one of those things I’d be reluctant to fork out for with no prior experience. I thought it was really fun to use though, and I found it a great way of moisturising. So now that I’ve tried one I’d be up for buying and trying one of the others.

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