The Sweet Shop

Last weekend I was invited to a bloggers breakfast at The Sweet Shop at into Trafford Centre. 8am was pretty early for a Saturday, but I’ve always had a soft spot for traditional-style sweet shops since I worked in one at the age of 16, so the allure of glass jars full of sweets was enough to get me out of bed. Several bloggers got access to The Sweet Shop before opening hours and treated to some fresh smoothies, pastries and cupcakes, with the aim of showcasing The Sweet Shop.

Traditional sweet shop manchester

I was quite impressed at the range of traditional, retro and American sweets on offer (both pre-packaged and the traditional kind that are weighed out!), and I loved the simple and effective look of the store with the treat-related quotes on the walls. I also love the idea of the Jar Station, where you fill a jar full of your choice of sweets, which I think would make nice gifts. And there are plenty of other gift-type items for sale in store, as well is it just being a great stop off for a sweet treat while shopping.

Retro sweets Manchester

American candy manchester

Rainbow lollipops

weighing sweets

fill your own sweet jar

mason jars for sweets

Apparently The Sweet Shop has been running for 2 years since beginning life as a Stall in the Great Hall at into Trafford Centre before opening this bigger store. They also provide pop-up shops for events, parties and weddings (great idea!) and of course there is their online store.

Plus, exciting news (especially if you don’t live near any of the bricks and mortar stores), if you quote the special code bloggers10, you can get a great 10% discount in the online store.

Gluten free sweets in manchester

traditional sweet jars

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