Winter Warmers: Homemade Hot Chocolate

I’ve always wanted to try making my own “real” hot  chocolate, and there’s no better time than a chilly weekend afternoon in the approach to Christmas. This really did make me feel festive too!

Homemade hot chocolate

Here’s how to make real hot chocolate (enough for 2 mugs):

  • Gently heat 125ml double cream together with 300ml milk and 1 tsp vanilla extract until it starts to simmer
warm milk
  • Chop 125g dark chocolate and sift 2 tsp cocoa powder over it.
  • Pour over the heated milk/cream mixture, and stir whilst the chocolate melts.
making hot chocolate
DIY hot chocolate
  • Pour the mixture back into the pan and heat gently for a few more minutes until it is a nice hot chocolate temperature and to make sure everything is melted, but make sure not to boil it, as this will make it taste bitter!
how to make hot chocolate
  • To serve pour it through a fine sieve to ensure it is smooth.
real hot chocolate

This recipe made 2 medium mugs of chocolate, and that was more than enough as it was incredibly rich! It was very delicious though, and the perfect partner for snuggling under a cosy blanket with a festive book. A lovely winter warmer for you to try. Yum!

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