Pigmented Lip Colour: I Believe!

I love statement lip colour, and that means finding strong shades that are heavily pigmented. I recently ran out of my No.7 Gay Geranium, which was my all-time favourite, and because I prefer to go cruelty free these days I decided to find a new one. The hunt lead me to Lush and their Emotional Brilliance range, and specifically to my chosen shade – Believe.

Lush believe
Lush believe lip colour

I knew a little about the Lush makeup collection, but it always seemed a little bit gimmicky because of the in-store colour wheel to help you find your “emotional colours”. But looking past that what they have is a series of eyeliners, eye shadows and liquid lipsticks in bold colours full of pigment. They come in cute glass bottles priced at £14.50, and have lovely positive names like “Believe”, “Success”, “Lifted” etc (linked to your emotional colours) which hang on tags around the neck of the bottle, making them look like miniature potions!

Out of all the colours I chose “Believe” as it was a nice vibrant pink/red colour with a hint of coral (I was also tempted by the gorgeous “Strong” and “Power” though). It’s easily applied using the applicator inside the bottle lid, and the result is a very bold shiny lip colour. I found it does go on quite thick, and can move about/smear/rub off quite easily. However once I blotted against a tissue and the finish went slightly more matte, the colour stayed put better without really losing any of the pigment.

Lush lip colour
pigmented lip colour
Lush pigmented lipstick

I love everything about this lipstick, including the fact that it’s not tested on animals! I’m definitely a convert to Lush lip colour, and will most certainly be adding some other shades to my collection!

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