My Christmas 2013

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas – relaxed, filled with family and friends, enjoying fabulous food and silly games – or whatever else Christmas means for you. I enjoyed two Christmas days with two Christmas turkey dinners – first with my boyfriend’s family on Christmas Day and then with mine on Boxing Day. And I have received some lovely gifts too from my generous family, so I thought I’d share some of them with you…

Christmas tree

The family Christmas tree – full of Childhood memories

Roaring fire

There’s nothing like a real roaring fire on Christmas Day

Gucci clutch

This classic Gucci clutch from my boyfriend was a surprising and lovely gift!

Baking gifts

I’m looking forward to baking tarts and Nutcracker-themed cupcakes!


A champagne afternoon tea at Slattery will be a lovely treat!

Dessert forks

So pretty! I’ll have to host a tea party!

Harry Potter tour

Eek! I’ve not been to the Harry Potter studio tour yet, so this is going to be exciting!

Shrek the Musical

I’ll be watching this before Christmas is done

Beauty gifts

And some beauty gifts too!

I’m also lucky enough to be off work until the 2nd January now, so I’m hoping to enjoy some lovely relaxation time (I’m as yet undecided whether to venture out to the Sales). Continue to enjoy your Christmas everyone!

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