Tried and Tested: Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream

This hand cream is the reason that the Balance Me brand ended being on my radar. I love hand cream in my life, especially at work (there is at least one tube on my desk at all times), and the Balance Me super moisturising hand cream has won loads of beauty awards, which sparked my interest. I also like that it’s 98.8% natural with no parabens (like the whole Balance Me range).

Balance Me hand cream

The first thing I noticed is that it has a very strong smell, but it’s quite a nice one. I’d say it’s quite herbal or a bit like strong fresh lavender. This smell sticks around on your hands for a while too, which I didn’t mind at all but if you don’t like the smell this wouldn’t be great. The cream itself is very rich and thick, and I’m finding it lovely to apply. To be honest I think my hands feel a little greasy/shiny after I use it, but once this has worn off they do feel really soft, moisturised and protected for hours afterwards. It’s apparently full of different conditioners, butters and oils, and it seems to really work, making my hands feel significantly different after use. It feels like amazing hand therapy for winter days in particular!

The hand cream is £14.50 for 100ml which is quite expensive, but my 50ml tube was included in the You Beauty Limited Edition Box which as £19.95 for all the Balance Me items inside (and I think the box is still available). I’d consider buying it again because it’s so nice, but as it’s quite expensive it would have to be a treat item. Or maybe I’ll put it on my birthday lists!

Balance Me moisturising hand cream

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