London Markets

Day 2 of my latest London adventure began with a lazy and hearty breakfast in preparation for another tiring day of walking. I must have racked up some serious mileage over the weekend! One of my favourite things to do in London is walking round the different markets. I’ve already mentioned my trip to Borough Market, which is an amazing place to go for foodie treats. And this morning our first stop was Colombia Road.

columbia road market

I’ve never been to the Colombia Road Flower Market before and it felt nice to wander through the flower stalls on a nice sunny morning. I felt some strong urges to buy some flowers, but of course I couldn’t as sadly they wouldn’t have survived my long journey back to Manchester. It felt like a lovely happy place though, and it was also nice to find some quirky vintage and foodie stalls and some live street music round the back. But it was a very busy spot around lunchtime lunch time – it’s probably a better idea to head out to Columbia Road first thing to get a head start on the crowds.

London flower market
Columbia road london
Columbia road flower market
flower market london
london culture
london markets

And then we stopped by Spitalfields Market which is not too far away. This market makes for an interesting wander and it was a nice spot for some lunch bought from the market vendors. There are plenty of stalls selling accessories, fashion items, gifts and household bits, and it’s easy to get carried away, but I kept my cool and the only thing I bought was this cute fox print scarf for £5 (which I now love).

london food market
london city markets
Spitalfields market
fox print scarf

I just love my cute foxy scarf!

So it was another lovely (yet tiring) mini trip to London. Sometimes I feel I need an extra weekend just to recover!

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