A Stroll Along London’s South Bank

I’ve just got back from a weekend in London and I’m exhausted! No matter how relaxed I think I’m being about what to “take in” in London, I always seem to walk for miles and miles. This weekend I didn’t even notice how much walking around I’d done until I realised I’m still aching a day later. But it was a lovely weekend catching up with friends. It began with delight when I operated a cash machine in the language of “Cockney” at Bow Road – I entered my Huckleberry Finn (pin) and withdrew a “horn of plenty” (£20) from my Rattle and Tank (bank). And the weather was bright and sunny, so on Saturday afternoon we went for a stroll along the South Bank, taking in the sights of the Thames.

South bank view
London Eye
Millenium Bridge

On our stroll we took in a bit of culture, firstly in the nicest underpass in the world, and then outside Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, which has the most beautiful set of decorative gates! And I always love coming across the replica Golden Hind docked in this part of London – so out of place.

Globe Theatre gates
Shakespeare globe gates
Globe theatre decorative gates
Golden Hind
Borough market

As the sun was beginning to set we explored Borough Market, which is one of my favourite places to visit in London. And then we found a hidden gem – an Italian restaurant hidden away down an archway by London Bridge tube station.

Guiseppe’s Place was a great little place for an early dinner. The atmosphere was chilled, the food was tasty and the prices reasonable for London – pasta dishes were around £10 and it was £5 for a glass of wine. It wasn’t too busy either, which was great!

And if you’re wondering why we were eating early, it’s because we were off to the theatre for the evening. We had tickets for Billy Elliot, which I’ve reviewed before. It has to be one of my all time favourite shows – it was just as good as the first time I watched it, and I think I’d be perfectly happy to see it again!

London Italian restaurant
Pasta dish
Billy Elliot London

So it was a lovely (if tiring) first day in London, and I’ll share Day 2 with you soon!

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