(Romantic) Chicken and Leek Pie

In case you were wondering, it’s a romantic pie because it’s Valentine’s Day on Friday and so I’ve added some cute hearts to this dish. Seriously though, I do think romance is something that is made not bought, especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day (see my post from last year), and I think the cutest way to celebrate this year is to make a nice tasty meal together, and add a romantic heart-themed twist.

chicken and leek pie

Why not try baking a delicious warming pie this Valentine’s? This one is adapted from Jamie Oliver’s festive Turkey and Leek pie recipe. It’s adapted in that I halved all the quantities to make a smaller pie, used chicken instead of turkey (as it’s no longer Christmas), and left out the chestnuts and sage from the pastry. The addition of bacon and crème fraiche into the filling makes this a really amazing pie and one I’d highly recommend! It took me about an hour and a half to make from start to finish and that was using shop-bought pastry rather than homemade (so it might not be ideal for a work night if you eat early), but it’s definitely worth the effort! I especially love the “gravy” that you get by draining the pie filling, which I poured over my pie and peas when serving.

chicken pie recipe
romantic pie recipe

Aww look how romantic!

Valentines pie
recipe chicken and leek pie

A very delicious pie indeed!

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