Sleek BB Cream for Fair Skin

I’m still on the hunt for a BB cream suitable for my fair skin. I found the one by B. from Superdrug too dark and the MUA BB cream a bit thick and possibly lacking in the skincare side of things. As a bit of an update, I decided to make the move to BB cream because I prefer a lighter coverage than you get with foundation, and I don’t think my skin needs anything more. I also like the idea that whilst I’m wearing makeup I’m also applying a skincare product at the same time. So still hoping to find one that is “just right” I decided to try the Sleek Blemish Balm in Fair.

Sleek BB cream

This is actually the first Sleek product I’ve tried, which is surprising as find their elegant black packaging very attractive – it looks a lot more premium than it is and their range always stands out in-store. I did a bit of investigation first to find out Sleek’s cruelty free credentials, and although nothing ever seems to be black and white in this area, I was pretty satisfied (from responses other bloggers have received from the brand) that they have nothing to do with animal testing (final products or ingredients) and don’t sell to China. So I decided to give them a whirl.

fair bb cream
sleek fair bb cream

So the packaging tells me that this BB cream has SPF 15, contains vitamin C to promote a healthy glow and red algae extract for moisture and to promote suppleness, so straight away I felt that my skin was in better hands than with the MUA product.

When I applied it the cream was a nice fluid consistency, not too thick, and was easy to apply with even coverage. In terms of the colour I was very pleased to find that fair does indeed mean fair to Sleek. It was a nice match for my pale skin colour (hooray!). And as a makeup I have found it to do what I need it to do – provide a very natural-looking level of coverage to even out my skin tone, and where I need it to,to act as a concealer.

very pale bb cream
BB Cream for pale skin

So this one could be a winner! It’s still in the reasonable price range (£8.99) so I can definitely see myself repurchasing this BB cream.

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