Sunny Day Essentials: Bargain Sunglasses

So this week we got our first glimpse of summer with some lovely sun and clear blue sky, which gave me the opportunity to try out these new shades that were sent to me by Aviator Shades. I was sent 2 pairs to review, both from their value range priced at £5.99, which is an absolute bargain considering that they are marked as having 100% UV protection.

The first pair is a pair of classic brown aviators. As far as sunglasses go I tend to choose classic styles rather than the novelty factor, so these totally work for me.  I love how the aviator style really feels summery, and I think this brown option suited my colouring.

Cheap aviator sunglasses
Bargain sunglasses
Great value aviator sunglasses

The second pair is another timeless classic – shiny black Wayfarers, which I think look pretty damn cool!

Black wayfarers
Cheap wayfarer sunglasses
Cheap wayfarer shades

What’s great about these is that although they are a fantastic price they don’t feel at all flimsy and are pretty comfortable to wear. £5.99 is fab really when you consider that Topshop sunglasses are priced around the £15 mark. I love these simple, classic styles as they will work with any summer outfit, and actually I reckon every wardrobe could do with having both shapes – aviators for relaxed summer style and wayfarers for a dramatic edge.

What do you think? Do you go for high street or high end when it comes to sunglasses?

Sunglasses c/o Aviator Shades – this is a sponsored post, but the opinions are my own!

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