Country Pursuits and Chocolate Mousse

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. For me it’s been nice yet slightly unusual. On Saturday Craig and I enjoyed a date day – something we don’t do enough! And it hardly cost us anything either, which is ideal for this time of the month.

We’d received a free experience day voucher when buying a phone contract at Carphone Warehouse, and we chose to redeem it against a Clay Pigeon Shooting lesson for the two of us out in the hills of North Yorkshire. Romantic yes? I didn’t actually know how I’d feel shooting a gun, but as it’s only aiming at clay disks I was ok with it. It was pretty tiring for my poor weakling arms holding a man-sized rifle steady enough to aim, and shooting at a moving target is actually quite challenging. But it was a fun lesson, and we had a good teacher who could tell me exactly how I’d gone wrong on each missed shot so that I could correct myself. I ended up hitting a fair few targets in the end too! Sadly we were far too engrossed in swapping places and shooting, so we’ve ended up with no pictures!

After our shooting lesson we drove around the North Yorkshire countryside, through the pretty towns of Harrogate and Ripley until we were starving and then went for a Toby Carvery. That pretty much took it out of me and by the time I got home I could just about manage a relaxing evening of snoozing in front of the TV, a hot bath and a book.

Sunday was also pretty chilled, but included some highlights:

  • Using my new retro-looking mixer to make chocolate mousse
homemade chocolate mousse
retro kitchen mixer
vintage kitchen stand mixer
  • Painting my nails with a pretty spring design
Spring nail art
  • Completing this pretty Art Deco jigsaw
deco jigsaw
  • Receiving a pretty parcel from Laundry Boutique
Laundry Boutique dress

What were your weekend highlights?

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