The High Street’s 4 Big 2014 Trends

The guys over at Manchester Arndale have launched their latest “Inside” magazine, which presents the 4 big SS14 trends they have seen emerging across their stores. When you consider that most of the big name high street stores can be found in the Arndale, it’s fair to say that these 4 trends must be big news for the season.

And earlier in the week they invited a group of bloggers down to speak with the stylists and personal shoppers in some of the stores about these trends, how to wear them and how to make them work for you. Here’s what I found out:

paintbox trend

The paintbox trend is all about big bright block colours. The guys from Kurt Geiger chatted to us about what they’re doing, and it was clear just by walking into the store that their key colours for the season are orange and blue. They say that a statement shoe or bag in a vibrant shade is a great way to inject this trend into your wardrobe, and I’d have to agree with that.

How I’d wear this trend:

  • Stick to clean lines and shapes, and let the bold colours do the talking
  • Clash multiple block shades
  • Tone it down slightly with neutral pieces (such as denim jeans, a neutral tee) and just have two brightly coloured items – maybe a vibrant clutch in one colour, and a pair of heels in another.
pastels trend

It’s no surprise to see pastels appearing in the list of trends – they are everywhere! And it was Dorothy Perkins who spoke to us about the trend. They advise working pastel pieces into your existing wardrobe to avoid being too sugar sweet – take a capsule wardrobe of versatile jeggings, a neutral maxi dress and slouchy trousers, and inject some pastel loveliness with a statement lace shirt, a pastel cami and some pretty accessories.

How I’d wear this trend:

  • Stick to one or two super-pretty pastel pieces, and work around them. Make them the star of the show by keeping the rest of the item quite neutral or low key. Personally I am unlikely to step out in head-to-toe pastels (even though I love them!)
  • Find gorgeous block pastel accessories, such as the lovely sugar pink slouch clutch from Dorothy Perkins.
3D FLORALS trend

Florals are everywhere as always in spring, but this is a trend that is very “Accessorize” so it wasn’t surprising that they showcased it to us. Between Monsoon and Accessorize we were shown the many ways to wear florals. On clothing florals feature in 3D on dress hems and as embellishments on casual pieces, there are modern graphic floral prints (inspired by Tokyo street style) and then the more traditional ditsy floral prints. And on accessories we saw floral prints on bags and scarves, but the key for me is the jewellery – from big bold floral crowns to daisy chain bracelets and oversize statement floral necklaces.

How I’d wear this trend:

  • I love adding floral touches to outfits – the more childish the better! – but the key is to contrast them with some edgier or more casual pieces so that the overall look is more grown up.
trend bold statements

This trend is all about being big and bold and is seen in a variety of amazing prints, from Aztec to dramatic stripes. This is a great night-time trend as it’s all about grabbing attention and being extravagant. And it was actually the hair and makeup stylists at Boots who talked to us about this trend, showing us how to incorporate dramatic hair and makeup into a look.

How I’d wear this trend:

  • Dramatic beauty gets a big ‘tick’ from me – I love big hair that’s not too “done” and vibrant lip colour.
  • This isn’t a particularly feminine trend, so if I’m going for a crazy print I’d probably try to find it on a feminine-shaped piece – such as a mini shift dress or a tailored jacket. Or even bold and striking accessories!

Here’s the magazine that inspired it all, plus me clearly loving it in the Manchester Andale official Tweet Seat!

Manchester Arndale inside magazine

And just to say, my wish list is now massive, thanks to items like these…

Orange trend

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