DIY Reed Diffuser

I love a good upcycling project. Some things are too hard to throw away because you just know that there’s a great alternative use for them! This is a very simple DIY to create a reed diffuser from an empty perfume bottle. Reed diffusers are so popular at the moment – it’s the hastle free way of keeping your room smelling nice all day long – so it’s nice to come up with a practical item for the home.

DIY reed diffuser
Empty perfume bottle

This perfume bottle looked far too useful to throw away (the chunky jewel-shaped top is cute too, but I’ll save that for a future project) and I thought that with it’s simple and chic block shape and small neck opening it would make a great reed diffuser. Actually there are lots of containers that would work for this project – you just need to make sure that the neck is narrow, as this prevents the diffuser oil evaporating into the air.

What you’ll need:

  • Perfume bottle
  • Plyers
  • Craft paper
  • Gold relief outliner paint for glass
  • Carrier oil
  • Essential oils in your chosen scents
  • Vodka
  • Reeds

Step 1:

Remove the spray nozzle from the bottle and then use plyers (and your boyfriend – in my case) to remove the metal surround from around the neck of the bottle. This was fiddly work and it didn’t come off cleanly, so a bit of persistence is required. Then give the bottle a good rinse out.

Step 2 (optional):

Decorate the bottle as required. I decided to cover up the logo on the bottle, and did this with two contrasting rectangles of pretty patterned craft paper stuck on with some strong glue.

I also had at my disposal a tube of some gold relief edging paint for using on glass (leftovers from an old craft project), and I used this to draw an edging around the two rectangles for a nice 3D finish.

DIY reed diffuser project
Upcycled perfume bottle

Step 3:

I also made my own diffuser oil, using ¼ cup sweet almond oil (this is the odourless carrier oil that forms the bulk of the mixture. Almond oil is a good choice as it is light enough to travel up the reeds); a hearty splash of vodka (this loosens the mixture to help it to travel up the reeds and diffuse); and 20-25 drops essential oil in your chosen scents.

DIY diffuser oil

Step 4:

Decant the diffuser oil into the bottle, and add the reeds! You ideally need real diffuser reeds rather than bamboo skewers, as they have holes running through them that allow the liquid to easily travel up. They sell them quite cheaply at places like Dunelm Mill. You also want them to be at least twice the height of the bottle, for maximum fragrant effect!

Homemade reed diffuser

What could be simpler?

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