Beauty Essential: Lucy Bee’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Oh my word I’m so pleased that this product is now in my life! The power of Lucy Bee’s organic coconut oil as a natural beauty product was mentioned in a #cfbloggers chat a few weeks back (chats on Thursdays at 9pm), and I think I struggled to wait even a day to buy it. It’s organic, vegan and its primary use is for cooking really, but it is also becoming very popular as a beauty essential for healthy hair and skin. I bought the 300ml jar for £6 from Sainsbury’s who are one of their main stockists. You can also buy online from Amazon.

Lucy Bee coconut oil

At the moment I’m mainly using it as a daily body moisturiser. The oil is solid in the jar but it melts onto warm skin, so I use a little spoon to do the scooping, warm it up in my hands and apply it all over. It’s perfect! It leaves the skin so soft, smooth and well moisturised! I prefer it to any body lotions I’ve tried. And after seeing the effects on the skin on my legs after the cold winter, I can only imagine the results on people with dry skin conditions (it comes highly recommended by the way).

I’ve also tried using it as a nourishing hair mask for healthy shine a couple of times too. To do this I massage the oil through the length and ends of my hair and leave it on for about half an hour before washing as normal. Again the results are great – healthy shine galore! And need I mention that it smells amazing! I love smelling of coconuts.

Lucy Bee's coconut oil

I love that it is natural, organic and completely free of additives and also completely cruelty free, and it comes with a whole range of suggested uses. Here are some others that I may also try:

  • Massage oil
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Face mask
  • Deodorant (apparently it’s great – who knew?)
  • Hand and foot lotion used before bed
  • Sunscreen (prevents burning due to its antioxidant properties)
  • Night-time eye cream
  • Mix with sugar and essential oils to make a home-made body scrub

Also I may buy a second jar and try out some of the recipes on the website using it as a substitute for other oils and butter. The recommendations say it’s great for weight loss as well as general health!

To summarise – this stuff is amazing!

4 thoughts on “Beauty Essential: Lucy Bee’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

  1. Thanks so much for leaving your link on my twitter to this! You’ve sold it to me haha, neeed this in my life! Love the fact it’s vegan too. Love your blog! 🙂 xxxxx

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