What’s On My Bathroom Shelf

In recent Twitter chats it transpired that we bloggers are a nosey bunch and just love taking a peek into other people’s lives, homes and cupboards, so I’ve decided to share with you the products and items that are currently on my bathroom shelf. As you may be aware I am trying to go cruelty free but at present not everything on my shelf currently is, so I’ll make it clear where this is the case (and I’m always looking for great cruelty-free alternatives, by the way, so please comment with suggestions if you have any!). As there is no natural light in my bathroom the products were temporarily relocated to my spare room for these photos too!

Some key essentials:

cruelty free bathroom cupboard
  • Superdrug Simply Pure gentle eye makeup remover, which works well and doesn’t make my eyes sting.
  • Superdrug nourishing nail polish remover (without acetone).
  • Handy cotton buds, cotton wool pads and nail clippers.


what's in my bathroom
  • This amazing flower vanity mirror was a present on my 21st birthday and I still love it so much! It’s so quirky and cute, and surprisingly practical – it’s made of rubber which makes it durable and the bendy stem means I can position it however I need to. I’ve never found another like it anywhere!
  • I’m still using my bottles of Environ cleanser and toner (reviewed here) – these are not cruelty free products.
  • If you want to see what face creams and makeup I’m using check out this recent post.

Bath time:

cruelty free bathtime
  • Soap and Glory Clean on Me. This body wash is almost empty, so I’ll need to replace it soon.
  • I’m also currently using this Burt’s Bees body wash miniature.
  • As you can see I have two shavers – a Venus and also an electronic one (because, well – you know).
  • Pumice stone for keeping the sole of my feet all soft.
  • A mini Yankee candle is great for bath time relaxation


cruelty free body lotions
  • Lucy Bee’s coconut oil is amazing, and you can read my thoughts on it here.
  • Soap and Glory Girligo. This nice light moisturising mist smells lovely and is especially good for moisturising the hard to reach places on my back.
  • Soap and Glory Easy Glistening. I think this dry oil body gloss has been discontinued now but I still have a can of it, which I like to use when I’m baring my legs as it contains a very fine glitter that gives a nice sheen.
  • Burt’s Bees coconut foot cream (reviewed here).


cruelty free hair care
  • How cute is my baby pink Odds and Bobs tin? It’s a very handy piece of bathroom storage.
  • I change up my shampoo regularly and I’m currently using this low-cost Superdrug one.
  • Lush Retread is my conditioner of choice, and you can read all about it in my recent review.
  • I haven’t done a review of this Lush Sea Spray yet, but it’s a great alternative to the popular Bumble and Bumble one.
  • Batiste dry shampoo – because dry shampoo is a bathroom essential, and I’ve not found a better one from any other brand. Thankfully Batiste is cruelty free.


  • Our regular toothbrushes, plus my electric one, plus those cute orange interdental ones for harder-to-reach spots.
  • Superdrug sensitive whitening toothpaste – the only decent cruelty free toothpaste I’ve found so far.
  • My teeth whitening trays. Last year I decided I would invest in some at-home teeth whitening via my dentist. It wasn’t cheap at £290, but it’s a long term investment as you get to keep the trays and buy additional bleaching solution, so can top up the whitening whenever you like.

And the rest:

bathroom odds and ends
  • Sad to say I’ve not found a great cruelty free deodorant yet (any recommendations?) so I’m currently using a Nivea one.
  • Armani Code perfume – this brand is also not a cruelty free one.
  • Burt’s bees hand salve (reviewed here).
  • All the other bits are freebies from goodie bags, including some Body Shop samples and miniatures of Bumble and Bumble hairspray and hair oil (which I like using but won’t be repurchasing as they’re not a cruelty free brand).

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