DIY Wired Fabric Hair Wraps

I’ve wanted to make one of these pretty hair bows for ages. Wired fabric hair wraps are popping up all over the place and they’re so cute for adding a pretty vintage finishing touch to everyday top knots. The wire element is great for keeping the ends of your bows sticking up in that cute vintage fashion, and I was right in thinking they’d be very simple to make. Here’s how it’s done.

DIY wire hair wrap

What you’ll need:

  • Pretty fabric
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • Wire
  • Scissors and maybe wire cutters (if your wire is thicker)
  • Either a sewing machine (recommended) or a needle, thread and sewing skills
DIY hair accessories

The steps

  • Cut a length of fabric around 33cm long (longer if you prefer) and as wide as you want it. My finished item is 5cm wide, so I cut fabric 33cm by 13cm (ish).
  • Pin the fabric in half lengthways, with the patterned side on the inside.
  • Sew a line around the edge in the shape indicated below, with the ends in a curved point shape. Remember to leave one end open. Cut round the outside of the stitches to remove excess fabric.
DIY accessories
  • Turn the fabric sausage right-side-out.
Fabric hair tie
  • Now construct the wire. Mine was quite thin so I decided to double up by twisting 2 lengths of it together. Make sure to fold the sharp ends over and twist them round so they’re not sticking out.
  • Join the two ends together to create a sausage shape the same size as your fabric sausage. Twist the two ends around each other.
  • Insert the wire shape into the fabric outer and sew up the open end. Make sure to attach the wire to the fabric at one end with a stitch – this makes sure that the wire won’t be running wild and free inside the fabric!
fabric hair tie with wire
Wired hair bow

Now style your hair by tying it around top knots and messy buns, and having the cute bow ends sticking up. I’ve made two different designs so far – one with cute vintage florals and one with ditsy polka dots. And because very little fabric is required they can be made up very cheaply – I think each of these cost less than £1 to make!

Vintage hair tie
Wired hair bow

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