Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

I love seeing Christmas gift guides created by my favourite bloggers, and I thought I’d put a different spin on it with some DIY gift inspiration. Homemade gifts can be a thrifty yet very personal and thoughtful option, and I think they are such cute little extras for family and friends. Here are some of my favourite ideas.

Festive gift jars personalised for the recipient.

gift jar

Food items, such as my chocolate truffles, jars of homemade jam or lemon curd, homemade fudge or even bottles of Christmas-flavoured vodka.

xmas truffles

Candy cane body scrub.

candy cane body scrub

Gift baskets.

gift basket

A romantic date jar for that special someone. I loved this cute idea from Cydney Helsdown’s blog, where the jar contains wooden sticks with different date suggestions on them. You then select a stick at random when planning dates together!

date jar

Vintage teacup candles.

teacup candle

Vintage fabric hair wraps.

hair wraps

Quirky storage tins, as seen on My So Called Crafty Life.

christmas tins

Do you ever make your own Christmas gifts?

9 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Love these ideas. The jar one reminded me of a gift I gave last year where I filled a cheap jar from Home Sense with loads of sweets. Bought loads of bags of Haribo and lollies and other random treats from Poundland and so it worked out really cheap 🙂 Looked good too. Avoid putting chocolate in though! Super sticky. Might give the teacup candle one a go as I have so many teacups which are almost too nice to drink from..

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