Albert’s Restaurant and Bar

This week I celebrated my 30th birthday at Albert’s restaurant and bar in Worsley. Everyone I mentioned it to had only good things to say about this place, and I’d already had a good experience at Albert’s Didsbury, so I decided it would be a great choice. Albert’s Worsley is the third Albert’s restaurant to open in Manchester and is located on a busy A road, which may sound like it could lack atmosphere, however that was not the case at all. The fact that it was quite bustling, even on a Wednesday evening, is testament to how nice the dining experience is there.

Alberts worsley

The décor is chic, spacious and modern, and I was very happy that our party was seated in a booth (I love booths; booths are my favourite). There is also an outdoor seating area (as with all the Albert’s restaurants), which is a nice spot for drinks on a nice evening. Even though the restaurant is on a major road you don’t really notice it when sitting outside as the seating is set back quite a way, and to encourage people to take advantage they also have outdoor heaters.

30th birthday meal
Alberts restaurant worsley

The menu is British-inspired but with some more exotic choices as well, and we all really enjoyed our food. Here are the dishes I chose, which were all amazing!

For starter I went for the crab and chilli risotto, which was one of the daily specials, and it was very tasty indeed. I’m always tempted by crab dishes and wasn’t disappointed, and I was very happy that there was plenty of heat from the chilli.

alberts starter risotto

For our main Craig and I went for another daily special – chateaubriand steak, which was a dish to be shared by two people. This was a fairly epic platter of succulent steak, French beans, (extremely) thick cut chips, mushrooms, onion rings, peppercorn sauce and onion gravy. The waiter even topped up our beans and chips, which wasn’t really necessary as we had more than enough food for two. This dish was the same price as the fillet steak dish on the main menu, but I thought it ended up as slightly better value and definitely had the “wow” factor when it was served onto a raised platform.

alberts chateaubriand

And even though I was pretty full by this point I decided a dessert was essential for a birthday meal, and went for the “chocolate volcano”, which was a chocolate sponge coated and filled with warm chocolate sauce and accompanied by honeycomb ice cream. All I can say is that it was delicious.

alberts chocolate volcano

I didn’t think the food was overpriced but in the evenings the prices aren’t particularly cheap either – I spent about £35 for 3 courses (excluding drinks) and I’d say that’s fine for a special occasion but not something I’d want to pay on a regular night. They always seem to have special offer lunchtime menu running until 6pm though, which is a great option.

Overall I’d recommend any of the Albert’s restaurants, and would definitely suggest trying the options on the daily specials menu as they both worked out very well for me!

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