Book Review: Who is Tom Ditto?

I haven’t written a book review post in a long time. That’s because I’ve not read a book in a long time! For some reason I lost interest in reading earlier in the year, but I’m pleased to say I’ve found my love of it again thanks to my latest read – Who is Tom Ditto? by Danny Wallace.

Who is Tom Ditto review

The story is told from the perspective of Tom, who receives a note from his girlfriend one day telling him she has gone, but has not left him. As he tries to understand what that means and what on earth is going on he comes across a group of people whose hobby it is to follow other people.

I don’t really want to say much more about the plot because everything is a bit of a mystery from start to finish, but I found it such an interesting idea that following other people can give you a taste of someone else’s life and introduce you to new opportunities and experiences. Interspersed with Tom’s story are extracts from an interview between a student and the academic who came up the concept of following people, which explores the idea in more detail. In escaping the routine of your own life are you missing out on living, or can it open up new worlds for yourself?

Yes stalking is definitely a creepy concept for a book, but it’s also an addictive idea to think that you can get a taster of someone else’s life. And is it wrong to copy someone else – are there any genuinely original ideas out there? This book certainly raises a lot of questions, but in a very light-hearted and witty way.

It’s a very accessible book, as it’s an easy read with an interesting concept that doesn’t go too deep. There were enough reveals throughout to keep things interesting, but even though it’s all a bit of a mystery, it’s more a story about finding yourself than finding out the truth of what happened. And it was a great gateway book to get me back into reading!

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