Handmade Pampering from Primer Spa Shop

Aside from meeting some lovely North West bloggers, the recent Manchester Bloggers Meet was also a great because I walked away with a selection of lovely goodies, some of my favourites being these spa and beauty products from Primer Spa Shop.

There are two big reasons why it’s love at first sight for me and Primer Spa Shop. One is that it’s a small Manchester-based company, and I always love supporting local independent businesses. I also think you find some unique and fabulous new products this way! Number two is that their skincare and aromatherapy products are all handmade, natural, vegan and animal friendly! Huge gold stars all around!

In our goody bags we received samples of their three big product lines, and here’s what I thought of them:

Handmade spa goodies
primer spa shop

Cashmere Caress Spa Soap Bar with Lavendar

This soap bar has that great rustic handmade look. It’s made from oils, including avocado oil, aloe and shea butters, and salts. All the ingredients were selected for their nutritious skin benefits, and I have found it lovely to use. It is creamy, luxurious and lathers well, and the version I tried included real dried lavender pieces, which really makes it look expensive. I did find the lavender rather scratchy when lathering directly on my skin though, so chose to lather the soap in my hands instead. The Caress Soap Bar can be bought with the lavender for £6 or without for £5.

lavendar cashmere soap

Merino Caress Body & Facial Cream

I loved this product! It’s like the most luxurious thick moisturiser ever! Made from rose water, oils and infusions selected for skin recovery properties it is designed to be great for dry skin conditions (and looking at the testimonials on the website it seems to really work)! However it is also great for general moisturising use, which is how I used it. Like I say I just loved it! My skin just drank the body cream up and it felt so soft the next day. I’d really like to buy a pot of this when my current body cream runs out, and it’s actually quite reasonably priced at £4 for a 20ml jar.

merino caress body cream

Songbird Aromatherapy Candle

This is just a tealight version of one of their full-sized aromatherapy candles, which come in country kitchen-style 100ml clip-top jars. There’s not much to say about the candle except that the Ylang Ylang scent is lovely, and that it’s lasting ages for a tiny tealight due to the fact that it is made from soya wax. They offer 5 fragrances, which are not artificial but added with aromatherapy oils for a theraputic spa-like experience – I’ve been using mine when having long relaxing baths!

What’s great is that you can test out all 5 fragrances by buying the £3 tealight collection before investing £7.50 in the 100g jar candle (which I have estimated is the same size and a similar price to the small Yankee candles).

aromatherapy candle

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