Seaside Snapshots and Monkey Business

We were so lucky with the weather for our mini break to Dorset this week! This almost never happens for us and we mostly get drizzle or downpours wherever we go, so it was a real treat to return to one of our favourite UK destinations and actually enjoy some September sunshine. We spent a couple of days of our trip in Weymouth, and made sure we enjoyed the beauty of the beach there in the late afternoons…

Weymouth beach
Weymouth seafront

Of course our main reason for visiting Dorset is always Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre, home of 240 rescued and endangered monkeys and apes and subject of the TV show Monkey Life. Look at the picture of chimpanzee Rodders below – he’s always so cheeky but you’d never know it from my photos!

Rodders Monkey World

As adoptive parents of one of the park’s animals we were actually visiting to take part in the Monkey World Sleepover event, where with other like-minded supporters we camp out and enjoy after- and before- hours access to the park. This time is unbeatable for seeing the animals bed down for the night as well as when they’re at their most engaged in the early hours of the morning. The team also fed us incredibly well with a hog roast, cakes, hot desserts, buffet lunch and a cooked breakfast in the morning! I’m not going to sugar coat it – spending one night in a tent does take some recovering from – but we love these events and will continue to be big supporters of Monkey World.

Look at cutie Eddie curled up for the night with her egg box blanket!

Monkey World Sleepover
Thelma Monkey World

The photo above is fabulous because you’ll see baby chimp Thelma clinging to the back of her mum as they climb around the dizzying heights of their enclosure!

And I had never seen the amazing feet of a gibbon up close before!

Vietta gibbon Monkey World
Paul the gibbon monkey world
Monkey World memorial statue

I hope you enjoyed these snapshots!

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