What I’ve Been Watching on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Prime Instant Video is the film streaming service that replaces LOVEFiLM, and although I enjoy Netflix I’ve found that it’s worth alternating with Prime because the selection of titles is so different. Whilst Netflix has some gems of its own, so does Amazon! I’ve done my free month’s trial and it was definitely worth doing, just for the titles that are not available on Netflix (UK) and are on my must-see list!

amazon prime instant video

I do get a little confused about what all the different Amazon products are though, so to clarify, “Instant Video” is the overall streaming service (including titles you pay to rent or own), and “Prime Instant Video” is the library of titles you can stream for free with the monthly subscription free.

TV series

Both Netflix UK and Amazon Instant Video have their share of great TV series, and there’s not much overlap in the ones I actually want to watch! This is my “must-see” list for those that are free only on Amazon.

Vikings: An exclusive series for Amazon, this historical action series is about the first Vikings to venture across to England is full of epic battles and great characters, including some really strong women.

The Walking Dead: Despite hating zombie-related stuff in general I have really enjoyed this post-apocalyptic series. It’s worth checking out seasons 1 and 2 for free on Prime to see if it’s up your street.

Mad Men: I’ve not started this one yet, but as seasons 1-4 are available on Prime I’ll have plenty to go at. An exciting prospect!

amazon instant film tv series


What’s great is that Instant Video has a pay-per-view selection so those really exciting new releases are not totally out of bounds. Personally though I’m all about the free stuff, and here are my top picks from the Prime selection that I have been waiting to watch for ages…

Snow White and the Huntsman: If a fairy-tale adventure with dark side isn’t temptation enough, then Chris Hemsworth as a brooding huntsman should do it. I saw it at the cinema originally but couldn’t wait to see it again.

Rush: After missing out at the cinema I feel like I’ve waited a long time to see this! I can’t wait!

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa: Any new addition to the Alan Partridge world is always going to be well-received by me. I find everything “Partridge” hilarious so I love to see new material, and I thought this was laugh-out-loud funny.

amazon instant film movies

Netflix vs Amazon Instant Video – what do you reckon? Amazon Prime Instant Video is now actually the cheaper option at £5.99 a month, and if you’ve not done a free month’s trial, it’s certainly worth it!

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