A-Z of Autumn

autumn a-z

We may have had a final burst of summer weather (better late than never), but it’s now officially autumn and I’m certainly starting to feel it. It’s possibly my favourite season overall, and here’s why…  my list of everything I’ll be loving this autumn!

A – Ankle boots. Bye bye sandals, painted toenails and chilly feet! Autumn is all about the return of the ankle boot to my wardrobe and not before time!

B – Blackberries. Pick them, bake with them, eat plenty of crumble – that’s the plan.


C – Colour palette. When it comes to clothes I think the autumn colour palette is my favourite. We’re not quite into the sparkles, blacks and metallics of Christmas – instead it’s a warm, cosy palette of damson, navy, mustard and forest green.

D – Disney on ice. For the third year in a row I have tickets for this show. It’s on in October and I’m already excited!

E – Embellishments. Something we’re likely to see a lot of this season, especially on knitwear.

F – Festive countdown. If you weren’t aware, Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year and my mental countdown begins pretty early in the year! As soon as the weather begins to get cooler I can almost smell Christmas approaching. I also start my Christmas-present- thinking as early as September (although usually refrain from actually buying things until after Halloween).

G – Green. Nails will be looking hottest in forest green!

H – Halloween. I love the feeling I get from Halloween. I love creating a costume and enjoying a Halloween party. I also love it when Halloween’s over as then it’s all about Christmas!

I – Illuminations. If you’re based in the North West (and maybe also if you’re not) you’ll be aware of the switch on of Blackpool Illuminations every autumn. Who doesn’t want to wrap up on a freezing autumn night by the seaside and eat fish and chips in front of electrical lights?!

J – Jaunts. Autumn is the perfect season for mini breaks and if I plan a weekend away during September or October it has to be filled with autumnal walks, pub lunches and local beer and wine.

K – Knits. I’m so happy that it’s time for cosy knitwear again, and I’m expecting all of mine to be oversized this autumn.

L – Layering. Something else I’m not sorry to see back in my life again. Unlike summer you know where you stand with the temperature in autumn. You will need layers. And as long as we all know that, then that’s ok!

M – Moisturising. As the weather gets cooler my skin needs extra care so it doesn’t dry out. I make sure I have stocked up with plenty of decent moisturising products and this year these include decent day and night face creams and also coconut oil to be used as body lotion to make sure I don’t end up itching!

N – Novelty bags. The novelty bag has been seen on the AW14 catwalks (Anya Hindmarch (left image), Kate Spade (right image), Moschino) and has now filtered down to the high street – check out Accessorize, New Look and ASOS. novelty bags aw14O – Open air. Going outdoors for walks in the autumn breezes and swooshing through fallen leaves is part of what autumn is all about.

P – Pies baking in the oven. Let’s hope so!

Q – Quiet evenings. I plan to spend a great many of them wrapped up indoors with my boyfriend, Netflix and cups of hot chocolate. Parties can wait until December.

R – Reading. What a great time of year to be curled up in the warmth with a great book.

S – Stews and Sunday roasts. Comfort food like this never appeals when the weather is warmer, and I forget what I’ve been missing until autumn comes round again.

autumn stew

T – Tights. Huzzah! Black tights are back on the menu because finally the weather justifies it!

U – Umbrella. Now I don’t love going out in the rain – if anything that’s the biggest downside to the season – but I do love my pretty umbrella and any excuse to use it!

V – Vogue FNO. I loved Fashion’s Night Out in Manchester last year and there was the most amazing atmosphere in the city! Sadly I think it’s moving back to London this year (good news for you Londoners), but maybe there will be one or two Manchester stores still paying homage to it(??)

W – Weather. No more confusion – we all know what the weather will be like in autumn and therefore how to deal with it.

X – The X Factor. It’s back. I won’t be watching. But plenty of people will be, and I guess it does characterise autumn.

Y – Yum. A weak choice of word it may be, and I know I’ve already mentioned several things I’ll be eating this season, but Y is a letter too so I’m using it to celebrate everything tasty – pies, crumbles, stews, hot drinks, puddings, roast dinners… (the list could go on and on).

Z – Zzzz.  Basically bed is one of my favourite things, so I don’t need much of an excuse to stay cosy in bed in the morning or to snuggle into it earlier as the darker evenings set in.

Happy autumn!

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9 thoughts on “A-Z of Autumn

  1. Besides all the colours I always get really grumpy about Autumn, but I love this list, its all the cosey warm snuggly stuff thats so nice about it all. Especially stew (and lots of shepherd pie! :))

  2. Oh I love this!!! Autumn is an amazing time and your list sums it up perfectly! Here’s to more pies, stews, autumnal walks and ankle boots (I’m wearing mine today!)
    Have a lovely autumn 🙂 x

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