Chocolate Hair Care

I love chocolate. I love to eat it, and when given the chance, I’ll also love it in my beauty products!

chocolate shampoo

If you are a regular English Rose reader you’ll probably know that I now only buy cruelty free cosmetics – the only cosmetics companies who’ll get my money are ones with genuine cruelty-free credentials, and there are so many of these about that I’m not missing my old favourites at all!

Take Faith in Nature. They recently contacted me to review some of their hair care products made from natural ingredients, and I jumped at the chance. Their products are made in Lancashire in my local area, they are paraben-free, made from natural ingredients, and they are BUAV approved cruelty free and vegan-friendly! And to top it all off they have a great range of shampoos and conditioners in all kinds of “flavours”, including the exciting-sounding chocolate.

The chocolate shampoo and conditioner contains a luxurious combination of organic cocoa and vanilla which has an amazing chocolate smell when using it. As I understand it, the organic chocolate/cocoa ingredient in this chocolate hair care range is actually ideal for adding shine to darker hair, but I didn’t let that put me off choosing it for my blonde locks.

faith in nature shampoo

I have found both products to be great for every day use. The shampoo cleans my hair really well (squeaky clean actually), and the light conditioner is definitely best suited to regular use rather than as a deep conditioning treatment. I like to leave it on for the recommended 5 minutes to produce the best results, but overall I’m left with clean, soft and shiny hair when using these products together. I was a little sad that the chocolate smell didn’t linger on my hair once dried, but it’s definitely enjoyable to have that chocolate scent when washing my hair.

Both items cost £5.50 for 400ml bottles, which is slightly more expensive than my “cheap as chips” options, but much less than my favourite luxury hair care brands, and I think that because a little goes a long way the products are great value. I’ll definitely look to rebuy Faith in Nature hair products because I love to support local businesses and of course cruelty-free brands too. I may even try some of the other “flavours”.

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