Soap & Glory: Beauty Sleep Accelerator

I’m not a dermatologist so scientifically I can never really know what effect skincare products are having, but I really do love a product that feels like it’s actually doing something. And this is most definitely true of the lovely “Beauty Sleep Accelerator” night cream from Soap & Glory.

soap and glory night cream

This was my first trial of Soap & Glory skincare. Previously I’d only used the bath/shower products, and although I like those and especially the pretty vintage-style packaging of all their products, there was nothing to say they were fantastic results-driven products – they just did the job, smelled nice and had a fun feel about them. But as Soap & Glory is cruelty free and I’d heard some good things about the skincare I thought it was worth giving that a go too.

As far as the skincare range goes I think they’ve made the right decision by stripping back the novelty feel of the packaging. People want serious stuff for their skin, and honestly I think it would have put me off if they’d kept the same quirky packaging for this range. It still all feels part of the same brand (especially thanks to the pink outer box) but the more serious look of the plain white containers really says “decent skincare”.

soap and glory night moisturiser

On to the product itself, this night cream is thick and rich, and when I apply it my skin feels soothed and refreshed. And excitingly it smells of fresh peach yoghurt thanks to the antioxidant rich peach extracts! My skin always feels driest after an evening bath, so this is absolute luxury to apply afterwards. The skin feels a bit tacky after applying it so it’s definitely for overnight use, and after leaving it to absorb overnight my skin feels lovely and dewy in the morning. I also find that it is really gentle on my sensitive skin. I’ve not experienced any irritation when using it, which is unusual (and great) considering that it has such a lovely strong scent.

It’s made me want to try some of their other skincare products now!


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