6 Big Hair Conundrums – Solved!

I’ve been lucky enough to chat with one of the hair experts at Paul’s Hair World, Manchester about some of my biggest hair conundrums. They’re really knowledgable at Paul’s and gave me plenty of realistic everyday solutions for my queries, which is great because we’re not all skilled hair stylists! Here are just a few of their top tips:

Q1. I need quick ideas for styling my hair for a night out when I can’t be bothered curling or straightening!

  • A1: Master the fishtail braid – once you have the knack it’s a quick and easy style to create, and is great because it looks even more effective the more messy it is.

Q2: Can you suggest a simple up-do that I’d be able to recreate for myself?

  • A2: Check out this simple tutorial. It’s a plait created with your head tipped upside down, and finished off with a simple top knot.

Q3: What products could I be using after washing my hair to make sure my final style is looking its finest?

  • A3: Go for moose if creating curls, argan oil applied before drying for a sleek straight look, and consider a leave-in conditioner on the ends of your hair for up-dos.

Q4: My hair is neither straight nor curly. What products could I use to create natural waves without the frizz and without using heat?

  • A4: Surprisingly the best product would be a kids oil moisturiser created for curly or afro hair, which has been designed to gently moisturise, add shine and prevent dryness. A curl activating serum is another option.

Q5: Any magic tips for when I curl my hair?

  • A5: You can create curls that go in 2 directions – inwards to the face or outwards. If you always go inwards the curls are less likely to be blown out by the wind!

Q6: I like the idea of ombre hair but want it to look natural and beachy rather than a dip-dye.

  • A6: Balayage is a freehand technique for producing highlights that’s becoming hugely popular for creating an ombre look. Because the ends are lightened by having colour painted on more freely than foils, the result is really natural-looking.

Today and tomorrow Paul’s Hair World will be doing demos and sharing some more of their expert knowledge at a pop up stand at Manchester Andale’s “Meet the Trends” event, so why not pop along and chat to them!

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