My Last Minute Spa Appointment with Wahanda

There’s nothing like a spa treatment and a bit of pampering for cheering yourself up, so after some stressful weeks at work I was so pleased to be contacted by Wahanda to try out their online Health and Beauty marketplace. Through Wahanda I was able to book a very welcome last minute Lava Shells massage at the lovely Spa Satori in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, which was much like a Hot Stone Massage, and was an hour of pure heaven! (I’ll definitely be heading back there for more of this!)

wahanda spa booking
Manchester spa satori

Wahanda offers an online booking service for what seems to be all of the health and beauty treatment providers in an area. In the case of Manchester that includes the big hotel spas, big name beauty salons plus loads of smaller local ones too – they don’t seem to have missed many out, so there’s plenty of choice! I’d noticed their eye-catching posters popping up at tram stop recently and hadn’t thought to check it out, but now that I have I’m pretty impressed by what it could all mean! With all those spas and salons on one system and access to all their up-to-date booking details it means that last minute appointments are no longer an unlikely occurrence. Sometimes a last minute treatment can be the most welcome and as I discovered today it is now easy to arrange in one online place!

wahanda iphone app

I particularly loved the free iPhone app and its ability to use my current location to find available appointments on the day. ON THE DAY! And because they’re last minute they are also at a reduced price! I love a good deal on beauty treatments and sometimes I genuinely feel like a bit of impromptu pampering so I will definitely be using this function in future!

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