Guilty Pleasures

I’m sure everyone has a list of things they really love to do but which they wouldn’t always admit to. I certainly do! Guilty pleasures are the ultimate luxury and here are some of mine!

  1. Early Christmas planning

I never admit the time of year when I first start having thoughts of Christmas because it’s ridiculously early! But I love Christmas so much that I really enjoy allowing myself the indulgence of some early planning – whether it’s picking up early Christmas presents, planning festive bakes or preparing what Christmas posts I’m going to be writing! Buying Christmas decorations from Disneyland in May was inexplicably exciting, as was picking up the Boots Christmas gift brochure (because that means we’re really near there now!) And I’m counting the days until it’s acceptable to watch Elf!

Christmas preparation
  1. Georgette Heyer books

I enjoy reading all kinds of books, but there’s nothing quite like something unashamedly romantic for a lovely Sunday afternoon. Georgette Heyer’s regency romances are just perfect and I could read those and nothing else forever, but I’d never admit it of course!

georgette heyer books
  1. After-work snoozes

Sometimes my evenings are really productive and I can fill the hours before bedtime with all sorts of activities. Other times I just love to crash on the sofa, snuggle under my cosy blanket and nap for half an hour or so before watching something on TV for the rest of the evening. It feels like such luxury although I do feel slightly guilty!

  1. Frozen Free Fall

This is the Disney Frozen version of Candy Crush and is just as addictive, as well as being so pretty! I’m clearly obsessed because I’ve completed all available levels, but luckily they still add new ones every now and again.

frozen free fall
  1. Raisin Wheats

So this is my favourite cereal of all time. Sadly it doesn’t seem to be sold in every Supermarket (and Blueberry Wheats are not the same – they’re just not!) so when I see it I have to pick up a few boxes. And then I love to treat myself to an evening meal of Raisin Wheats every now and again – just because I can!

raisin wheats

What are your guilty pleasures?

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10 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Omg… I have to admit I’ve already watched Home Alone and it’s not even November… Getting excited about Christmas early is my guilty pleasure too!

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