Blogging Advice from Bloggers

Today I wanted to share this lovely-looking infographic full of blogging tips and stats taken from an independent survey of fashion and lifestyle bloggers. I love how pretty it is, but more importantly that it’s full of handy tips from bloggers for anyone starting a blog or growing an existing one. It’s important to remember that these aren’t hard and fast rules, but helpful hints from people who probably learned the hard way!


Infographic created by Farfetch based on their own independent survey

What do you reckon? If you’re a blogger do you agree with everything on here? Are you one of the 60% who use a smartphone camera? (I liked this stat by the way, as me and amazing cameras do not get on!) And if you’re not currently blogging, would it inspire you to start?

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3 thoughts on “Blogging Advice from Bloggers

  1. Pretty and useful, all at once – love it!
    I’m just starting out with my blog and always looking for helpful tips and ideas. I’m definitely one of the 60% who use their smartphone camera – I am just a tiny bit in love with the camera on the i-phone 6, and it’s so easy to upload pics from a phone!

  2. I think this is quite a good survey although I’m pretty certain most bloggers use a camera not a smartphone, even if it isn’t a really high tech one! haha

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