Christmas Money-Saving Inspiration

Watching the pennies at Christmas doesn’t have to mean being a Scrooge! Sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy all the festivities without worrying about the cost of everything, so I’ve put together a few tips for how I’ve saved some money over Christmas whilst still enjoying every minute!

Christmas decorations

Aside from picking things up in the sales I think being creative with decor is a great idea. You don’t have to spend loads to have a festive room. Check out my DIY gingerbread tree decorations for inspiration, or search for other homemade décor ideas on Pinterest, such as DIY garlands, jam jar candle holders, decoupage baubles and various ways of using pine cones.

DIY gingerbread decorations


If you have lots of people to buy smaller gifts for, why not try making your own? This can save a lot of money and the finished gift will have that personal touch too! If you missed it, check out my DIY gift inspiration post, featuring chocolate truffles that you could make in big batches and give boxed to all your friends and family.

xmas truffles

Those extra bits

Although it’s a bit late for this now it’s worth keeping in mind for next year. In the sales after Christmas the shops are full of half price (or better) cards, crackers, decorations, gift wrap etc. I always pick up some of my essentials in the January sales.

Christmas wrapping

Don’t spend a fortune on Christmas gift wrap. If you haven’t bought some in the sales, be creative instead. In the past I’ve used brown paper for my parcels tied up with pretty ribbons; I’ve re-used the boxes from subscription box services (like Glossy Box); I’ve made my own gift bags; and I am big advocate of using last year’s prettiest Christmas cards as this year’s gift tags – you simply cut the reverse off the card (where the sender wrote their message), punch a hole at the top and attach to the present with ribbon!

brown paper packages
DIY gift tag


If you’re worried about the cost of partying this Christmas then have a real rummage through your wardrobe for dresses or sparkly separates you haven’t worn in a while. Bringing back an old favourite means you have that money spare for all the food and drink festivities instead!

Christmas photoshoot

(photo taken by Andrew Wood Photography)

Food and drink

Whether you’re hosting Christmas dinner or just stocking up for the 12 days, don’t make the mistake of buying too much food. It may seem like Christmas is all about eating and drinking, but you can only eat so much and nobody likes wasted food! Make a realistic supermarket shopping list and stick it.

Do you have any tips for saving money at Christmas without being a Scrooge?

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5 thoughts on “Christmas Money-Saving Inspiration

  1. Fab post, I am going to be so much more organised next year and make some edible gifts for friends. I was thinking just last night that I should use my stacked up Glossyboxes as gift boxes.

  2. Great tips here. My favourite one is the old Christmas cards as gift tags one! Once I wrapped my friends’ presents in glossy magazines instead of wrapping paper. They looked really good 🙂

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