Tag: The Things That Make Christmas

I saw this “things that make Christmas” tag on Sian Marie’s Beauty Blog, where the idea is to pick out 5 things that makes Christmas special to you. So here are five festive “things” that make my Christmas special each year:

christmas tag

  1. Christmas games! Like pass the parcel, the classic “sticker on the head” game (also known as “the Rizla” or “post-it” game) plus many, many board games.
  2. Trifle. It’s an essential part of our family Christmas. We simply must have a home-made festive trifle!
  3. Brass band music. Does anything sound more Christmassy than brass bands playing carols? I love Christmas concerts and also stumbling upon brass bands playing in cute market towns near Christmas, and I even have a Christmas brass band album on my iPod.
  4. A jam-packed diary full of festive plans to get excited about!
  5. Cozy rooms with Christmas trees, fairy lights, candles and real fires. Ahhhh blissful!

Is everyone excited now?!

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