Handpicked – a New Fashion App

I’m mildly addicted to a new fashion app on my iPhone! The Handpicked app is full of current highstreet fashion pieces, which you can browse (at speed) by swiping through. Simply swipe left to pass by and swipe right to add items you like to your wishlist. It’s like speed shopping, and I think it’s perfect as a shopping starting point when you’re in need of some style inspiration. Because it’s filled with thousands of items from loads of high street retailers it’s a single source for all of them and a great little time-saver too!

Handpicked home screen

What you end up with is a wishlist full of items you like, which you can just keep on standby and refer back to when you want to go shopping. You can click through from the list to the retailers’ websites to buy the items if you want, and as an added bonus you’ll even be sent an email if something on your list goes into sale – handy for getting first notification of a bargain!

Handpicked product screen

And excitingly I’m featured on Handpicked this week! You can browse items by categories (e.g. dresses) or trends (e.g. pastels), but there are also categories called “Fashion Gurus” where you can view the wishlists of style bloggers. Here’s what my category looks like – why not check it out and see what I’ve been liking!

Me on Handpicked app
Handpicked wishlist

Like I say, I’ve become a little addicted and have been popping on to pass some time at least once a day! Now when I feel like I need a new outfit I can just check out my wishlist to remind myself of all the things I’ve been checking out. You can download the app on the App Store.

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